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For all mamas navigating grief after pregnancy and baby loss...

Grow From Your Grief


Navigate past the heaviness of grief after baby loss, find your new normal and live freely, in honour of your baby

Feeling lost, alone and isolated in your grief?


The tears feel like they won’t ever stop and you lie awake at night reliving every painful detail of your loss? I feel you mama, I’ve been there. Sometimes grief can feel so heavy it feels like you will never be able to move forward, and it will always consume you. You’re tired of feeling angry, anxious and scared for the future, but you have NO idea how to work through those feelings and having actual good days seems impossible!

You want to work through your grief and feel hope and happiness again, but you’re scared that you’d be “moving on” from your baby and the mom guilt is REAL


So, what if you could...

✔ grow through your grief in a supportive, safe and uplifting environment

✔learn tried and tested techniques to help you through the heavy days and any triggers

✔step away from feeling stuck in grief and step into HEALING, GROWING and MOVING FORWARD

✔learn to FIND yourself, LOVE yourself and LOVE your body again

✔move away from just surviving and start THRIVING

If it feels like this will never happen for you mama, then keep reading, because I'm going to show you how it can

Hi, I'm Elle


Qualified therapist specialising in pregnancy and baby loss.


But most importantly, I am a loss mama, I have been in your shoes and I know how important it is for you to find the right support that works for you.


Maybe you’re just beginning to dip your toe into looking for support?


Or maybe you’ve tried everything going and you’re not sure where else to go. The truth is, we're all here because we lost our babies, and you’re looking to find someone who understands and can help you through the shit show that is grief.

I am so sorry that you find yourself here mama, but you are not alone.

You’re already doing your best, and you made it this far (give yourself some credit for that, or a glass of wine…or both!)

But you don’t have to struggle through grief all by yourself.

Join a community of other loss mamas, all healing, growing and finding themselves in an uplifting, judgment free and safe space, led by a qualified therapist who GETS it.

The journey to healing starts with three simple steps...

Build Your Mental Toolkit

Learn healthy coping mechanisms at your own pace, in your own time and in the comfort of your own home

Find Yourself

and find your new normal after the loss of your baby/babies

Feel Lighter

Work through that heaviness to feel lighter, freer and in control of your grief

If it feels like this is out of reach, I've created a community where loss mamas can support each other, learn tons of helpful techniques to fill your loss mama mental toolbox, feel supported, understood and validated (by people who just get it!) and learn to find your new normal in a world that is so different to how it should have been.

Say goodbye to…


🙅Feeling overwhelmed by grief, misunderstood, isolated and alone

🙅… going over every painful memory each night, feeling guilty, angry, jealous and scared for the future


🙅… Not knowing where to turn for help, feeling afraid you’ll always feel this way.

🙅Being stuck in your grief and unable to move forward

Instead, you’ll...


🥳… Move through your grief in a safe, supportive, uplifting space full of like minded mamas


🥳…Build a mental toolkit of techniques that WORK, to help you through the heavy days and triggers


🥳… feel supported, understood and validated  


🥳Grow through your grief, having more ‘lighter’ days, feel JOY, HAPPINESS and HOPE again

There for you without judgement, just LOTS of compassion and understanding...

I’m really thankful to be part of the membership. The other women in the group are just amazing and we are there for each other without judgement, and with loads of compassion and understanding. Elle leads the group so well and the group therapy sessions are so validating and supportive, they really make you feel less alone. The weekly lessons are such a good tool and they help me to take that time out to process my feelings - plus I know that Elle and the other amazing women in the group are always there if I want to chat any of it though. Recently we’ve been having some workshops with other therapists too and they have been super helpful and practical, which I love. Thank you so much Elle for all the wonderful things that you do for us, and for creating that safe space where we can say our babies’ names, tell their stories, and grow from our grief together

- Bethany, James's Mummy

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The Grow From Your Grief


 Your tried and tested membership community, designed to help you work through your grief authentically, let go of the heaviness of grief and find your new normal

The only thing standing between you and starting your healing journey is the guidance and support to put those first stepping stones in place (because grief is a minefield, right?)
Here is the no-nonsense, supportive membership you need to take you from surviving to thriving mama

Part - 1  
Exclusive Self Paced Resource Library Packed FULL of Coaching, NLP and Hypnotherapy Techniques

A HUGE resource library that is updated regularly. Packed full of guides, workbooks, worksheets, meditation recordings, hypnotherapy techniques and everything else you need to help you build your ‘loss mama mental toolkit’ easily and at your own pace.


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Part - 2
Monthly Online Group Therapy Sessions to Get The Complete Support You Need

Receive the support and guidance, validation and compassion you need to transform your grief, from a qualified pregnancy and baby loss therapist, in a safe, confidential and supportive space with other loss mamas on their grief and healing journey.


Part - 3

Guest Workshops Held by Experts in the Industry to Help You Feel Supported From Every Angle

Learn skills and tools from grief experts, mental health professionals and holistic healers to approach grief from every angle, all at the touch of a button.
You can join in live, or watch unlimited playbacks whenever you like.

Untitled design (3).png


Part - 4
Members Only Private Group Chat to Make Loss Mama Connections and Receive Support 24/7

make connections in a safe, supportive environment. Talk freely, feel validated, supported and loved by your loss mama friends.
Reach out for real support from your therapist, when you need it.
A beautiful, exclusive space that truly has your back.


Do you feel like the people around you (as supportive as they may be) just don’t GET it?

You want to make those connections with other loss mamas that do understand, but just don’t know how?

Do you feel like you’re trying to work through your grief, but more often than not you end up feeling lost, numb and just working on autopilot?

You feel like grief is an absolute minefield! You would like some support but have no idea what the hell will work for you and where to find it?

The Grow From Your Grief Membership is THE space to help you let go of the heaviness of grief in a way that works for YOU and help you build a mental toolkit to see you through ANYTHING grief throws your way. So you move forward in your babies memory, feeling confident that you’ve got your own back.

You're just ONE click away from this...

There is nothing like this membership around.  I am so so glad that I joined the membership it’s such a safe, validating, welcoming, informative and caring space. Elle thank you so so much for creating it!

- Rio, Atlas’s Mummy

The Grow From Your Grief Membership

What's included?

Access to our HUGE resource library [£200+ monthly value]

Updated regularly with the BEST coaching tips, tricks and hypnotherapeutic techniques you’ll reach for again and again!


Access to our group therapy sessions each month
[£50 monthly value]

Gain CLARITY, VALIDATION and EXPERT SUPPORT from a qualified therapist (me!) and support from other loss mamas (our amazing members) 


Private members only group chat [£25 monthly value]

Receive round the clock support from me and other members, make invaluable loss mama connections, build friendships, and have peace of mind that an AMAZING group of women have your back (think of us as your loss mama besties!)


Regular workshops with grief experts, mental health professionals and holistic healers [£100 monthly value]

Exclusive access to workshops planned JUST for membership mamas! learn techniques, tips and tricks to boost your loss mama toolkit, that you’ll reach for time and time again!


Total Monthly Value £375

Monthly Subscription  £19.99


The Grow From Your Grief Membership is an incredible space that will provide you with the support, love and validation you need to work through your grief in a safe space.

I'm 100% convinced that you'll love the membership space, that's why I'm offering you a 14 day money back guarantee!

If you feel the space isn't for you, you can request your money back within 14-days of signing up.

This is not your typical support platform. This is BY a loss mama, FOR loss mamas.

Nobody understands your pain more than another mama who lost her babies. Baby loss is such a unique grief, that it takes experience to truly connect, understand and just GET it!

Plus you have a fully qualified, fully insured therapist in that same person? Yes please!

Say GOODBYE to Grief Fog!

You know that feeling that grief is just so heavy that it's almost like a fog that won't lift? It clouds EVERYTHING. Consuming you and feeling like you can't focus on anything else?

Yeah...we're saying goodbye to that feeling mama. There is SO much support in this space, grief fog will be kept in check so you are back in control, moving forward, feeling JOY, HAPPINESS and HOPE for the future, without the mom/grief guilt!

Honour your babies in a safe, supportive and uplifting environment that works for YOU.

Honour your baby/babies in a completely PRIVATE, SECURE space, surrounded by LOVE, SUPPORT and UNDERSTANDING from your therapist and your fellow loss mama members.

Share your stories unapologetically, celebrate your babies, share your highs and lows, grow through your grief with a community that just GETS IT and will support you through it all.

Work through the resources at your own pace, cherry pick what works for you and leave what doesn't! Engage as much or as little as you like, YOU are in control here mama.

Are you ready to let go of the heaviness of grief and move forward with your life?
Ready to learn the skills you need to begin to heal authentically, find your new normal AND honour your baby?


You woke up tomorrow morning, knowing that regardless of how griefy your day might be, that you have instant support at your fingertips?


You have a therapist and other loss mamas there to help you through 24/7


You have unlimited access to therapeutic techniques to keep the triggers and griefy moments in check.


You could do ANYTHING you want to today, knowing you’re carrying your baby's memory with you. But that heaviness of grief isn’t there today, because you’re feeling safe, supported and loved.


How soon can I start?
Hey mama! I love your determination and commitment to working on YOU!
As soon as you sign up, you have instant access to our huge resource library, recordings of workshops, newsletters, the awesome group chat and your itinerary for the month! So to answer, you can start whenever you like!

Is there any live support?
YES! We have live group therapy sessions via zoom once per month, you can also contact me for support in the group chat 24/7, and be supported by our other amazing members too!

We also have live workshops semi regularly!


What am I getting once I join?
Instant access to our huge resource library, full of workbooks, worksheets, guides, meditation recordings, workshop recordings, exclusive discounts and so much more! You also gain instant access to our loss mama group chat, invites to the monthly group therapy session, and buckets of support on tap!

I haven’t tried any therapy before, does this work for beginners?
Absolutely! Wherever you are on your grief journey, the grow from your grief membership can cater to your needs. The resource library is full of hypnotheraputic and NLP techniques that you can work through at your own pace, you can take what works for you and leave what doesn’t!
The interactive parts of the membership such as workshops, therapy sessions and the group chat, you choose how involved you want to be, there is absolutely no pressure mama.


Will this still be useful if I’m having other therapy elsewhere?
Of course! The membership is hugely complimentary for other modalities of therapy, in fact a lot of my 1:1 clients join the membership too, as an extra level of support.


Am I tied into a contract?
Absolutely NOT! You can join and leave whenever you like. Just pop me an email at least 48 hours before your renewal date and we can get your account closed down for you with no further charges. (email


Why is this only £19.99 a month? Am I actually getting my money's worth or is this a scam?
No scam mama. I’m a qualified therapist, and I could easily charge 3-5x the price of monthly membership, and it still wouldn’t equate to the value that's included! But I’m not about that. Everyone deserves support from a professional, especially us loss mamas! And let’s face it, therapy is expensive. Sometimes you just want to try something to see if it’s going to work for you, without spending £££. I wanted to make sure I could provide an AFFORDABLE, REAL, VALUABLE support platform for all loss mamas to feel safe, suppported and validated in.


Will the price increase?
I don’t have any plans to increase the price as I’m writing this, but I can’t say for certain. What I can say is for my member mamas who are signed up, you will only ever pay the price you signed up at.


What’s your refund policy?

I believe in the grow from your grief membership so much, that if you’re not satisfied within the first 14 days of joining,  just send me an email at and I will give you a full refund and close your account for you, no questions asked. (first 14 days of sign up only, you must provide at least 48 hours notice via email before your renewal date)

Still not convinced? (you rebel! I like you mama!)

You’ve read this far. You know you need some support to help you through this grief, and that takes a huge amount of self awareness and growth, so be proud of yourself just for being here, because I’m proud of you!


The question is, are you ready to accept that support, and give yourself permission to move forward? Carrying your baby's memory with you always, but learning the skills to help make grief a little lighter, and experience freedom, joy and genuine happiness again?

Or are you accidentally allowing yourself to slip into the grief fog? Feeling lost, isolated and alone?

It happens to all of us mama. Grief is heavy, and it’s HARD. The hardest thing we’ll ever have to work through. But you are not alone. Grief is a burden easier to bare if it is shared in a loving, supportive and safe space. And that’s what this membership is, mama. A community of like minded loss mamas in the same place as you, committing to working on themselves and their grief in a safe space.

Here you’ll be met with nothing but love and validation! 

So mama, are you ready to let go of the heaviness of grief, move forward honoring your baby, find your new normal AND make some incredible friendships in the process?


The Grow From Your Grief


 Your tried and tested membership community, designed to help you work through your grief authentically, let go of the heaviness of grief and find your new normal

Monthly Investment £375



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